Wet Area Flooring – Altro Flooring

Flooring in all of the wet areas is Altro 2 mm slip resistant vinyl. This is laid so that it comes up the walls 200mm to form a skirting. What this means is that there are no corners to collect dust and dirt. More technical details about this product can be found here. This product has been kindly supplied by Altro APAC check out their website for more information.

General Floors – Style Plantation

Flooring throughout the house is made of compressed bamboo. This is a fully sustainable, allergy free product. It is incredibly hard and has very good slip resistance. The product is being supplied by Style Plantation at a discounted price for the project. One of the big benefits of this product is that it comes pre-finished so you save a heap of money on sanding and coating.

Appliances – Miele

All of the appliances throughout the project are supplied by Miele. They have been chosen for their ease of use by people with disabilities. Most of the controls are either push button or rotating knobs.

Shower Drains – Stormtech

Now you might think that shower drains are not that important. Tell this to someone who has tried to place a shower chair without wobbling. Stormtech make a gutter drain that can be used in all of the showers. What this means is that the floors of the shower can be made with the fall in one direction rather than two. Voila the shower chair stays stable. Here are photographs of the product.

Bathroom Fixtures – Caroma

The fixtures and fittings in the bathrooms are chosen from the Caroma range of fittings. These have been chosen so that they can accommodate commode chairs and enable wheel chairs easy access.

Internal Doors – Eurotec Doors

The internal doors are made by a German firm. They come complete with the door frames, so are easy to fit at the building phase. All of the doors are extra wide so that they can accomodate wheel chair access. The main benefit however is that they offer a high degree of sound proofing. We have chosen the solid core range for the noise proofing we need. They also come with a finish called CPL which is really tough and will withstand a beating by wheel chairs. The doors have been provided by Eurotec Australia at a discounted price.

Solar Hot Water – Apricus

Apricus is an Australian-Chinese company that has developed highly efficient solar hot water systems that use vacuum tube technology. Apricus have agreed to heavily subsidise the solar hot water service needed for the project. Unlike other solar hot water systems the tanks are located on the ground rather than the roof. The system is being supplied via the Apricus agent in Pambula – Pyramid Power.

Solar Power – BP Solar

The intention is to place 4 – 6 solar panels on the roof and connect them back into the power grid. Essentially what this means is that in times of good sunlight and low internal power usage that power is sent back into the grid for other people to use. Along the way it sends the meter backwards saving some money.

Water Storage – Bluescope Water

The house design incorporates two rainwater tanks that will hold 4,500 litres. This will be connected to the bathrooms, laundry and used for the garden. This has two advantages. It manages stormwater runoff and makes the house almost self sustainable in terms of water usage. The tanks have been supplied at a discounted price by Bluescope Water.

LVL Joists and Rafters – Carter Holt Harvey

Now this is something that you won’t see on completion but is vitally important. As the house is on the peak of a hill, structually it needs to withstand good winds. Carter Holt Harvey make a range of Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) called Hyspan. This will be used for the floor joists and rafters. It has the benefit of being made from a renewable resource and is incredibly strong for it’s weight. Carter Holt Harvey have supplied this material at a discounted rate.

Lift – Masterlifts

As the complex is spread over two levels there needs to be a wheel chair friendly way of getting upstairs. Elevator technology has advanced so much that it it now relatively cost effective to install a domestic lift in the project. Masterlifts have agreed to supply their Advantage lift in the project at a discounted price. One of the main advantages of their product is that the lift car and the shaft are self supporting. What this means is that the lift shaft does not need to be structurally engineered and built. This is a huge cost saving. The unit is modularized so that it is lifted in with a crane and secured in place.

Power Points – Eubiq

You might not think much about power points in every day life. However when you realise that falls are one of the most common household accidents, and that a lot of falls around the home are caused by trailing power cords, you think a bit harder. Eubiq have developed a system of power tracks. What this means is that with the installation of Eubiq power tracks throughout the project you can virtually eliminate extension cords and power boards. This leads to less potential for falls. This must be a good thing.

Plasterboard – Boral Plasterboard Products

Again you normally don’t think too much about plasterboard. That is unless you live with someone who uses a wheel chair. Invariably these little accidents happen that damage the walls. Boral has developed a product call ImpactSTOP. This board is 13mm in thickness, rather than the normal 10mm and is reinforced with fibreglass mesh so that it can withstand some tough treatment. This product will be used in all of the high traffic areas of the development. For those that are interested in the Boral Plaster systems here is a brochure that goes through the technical aspects. Boral Plasterboard Systems

There is a lot more to document so bookmark this page as it will be updated on a regular basis.