Polytec Kitchen

Brothers John and Michael Borg had developed a successful kitchen manufacturing business during the late 1980’s. During this time they could see the potential for a specialised cabinet door manufacturer in the Australian market, and had carefully investigated the emerging European process of fully thermoformed kitchen doors. In October 1990 they incorporated a new business to manufacture and distribute thermoformed doors, marketed under the brand of ‘polytec’.

The company grew throughout the 1990’s to become the largest manufacturer of thermoformed kitchen doors in Australia. In 2000 the company accelerated its expansion by investing in the manufacture and distribution of a range of co-ordinating decorative melamine board products, with the commissioning of a 3000 x 1200 melamine press at a new factory, located in the nearby town of Somersby N.S.W.
In 2003 further expansion was completed at Somersby to create one of the largest melamine laminating facilities in Australia. The site is dominated by a new 7200 x 1800 melamine press, which is one of the fastest and most advanced short cycle presses in the world. This advancement allowed polytec to supply a greater variety of melamine panels, including products for the office furniture and commercial joinery markets.

Strategic investment in the latest machine technology and computer integrated manufacturing processes has enabled polytec to become one of the fastest growing private companies in Australia, with the company quietly and diligently emerging as a market leader in wood panel surfacing and cabinet door manufacture.

These new developments, and the addition of benchtop laminates to the polytec product range, enable polytec to supply the Australian kitchen door market with the most comprehensive panel packages in the marketplace.