Inspection Checklist

Here is a checklist that we used to ensure that when we had third party inspection teams look at a property that they were all comparable. It is a good memory prompt to use when inspecting any property.

Inspection Checklist

Architects Brief

This is a fairly extensive document that we used to brief Harry Sprintz our chosen architect. It covers many of the Universal Design concepts that we wanted to incorporate in the project.

Merimbula Universal Design Architects Brief

Social Responsibility in Architecture

This is a paper written by Harry Sprintz that gives some insight into his passion about making housing accessible to all. It was on the basis of reading this paper that we chose Harry Sprintz as our architect.

Social Responsibility in Architecture

Project Planning Quotation.

This is the quotation that Harry Sprintz provided based on our brief about renovating a property in Merimbula on the far south coast of New South Wales Australia.

Harry Sprintz Merimbula Access Planning Project Quotation

Imlay Street Plans and Perspectives

Here are downloadable and printable PDF’s of the plans for Imlay Street.

Aerial Sketch
Site Layout
Existing Elevations
Ground Floor Plans
Upper Floor Plan
Roof Plan
South East & North West Elevations
North East & South West Elevations
Transverse & Cross Sections
Cross Section
Interface & Construction Details
Shadow Plan
Electrical Ground Level
Electrical Upper Level
Electrical Specification
Car Parking Plan
Landscaping Plan
Kitchen Upper Level
Kitchen Upper Level Elevations
Kitchen Ground Level
Kitchen Ground Floor Elevations
Bathroom & Laundry Ground Level
Bathroom & Laundry Upper Level
Bathroom & Laundry Elevations
Independant Living Unit Bathroom & Tea Making Facillity
Wardrobes & Storeage
Home Office