A Sea-Change Investment Archive

We have Found a Name

For months Desiree and I have been researching names for our project. We have printed out reams of suggestions and finally I think that we have come to a concensus. Bimbadeen This is an Australian Aboriginal word that means good views. There does not seem to be any other tourist accommodations called Bimbadeen in the […]

I managed to score a meeting with the State Government representative for the area Andrew Constance. I am lucky that Andrew is also the Shadow Minister for Ageing and Disabilities so he was keen to hear what we were doing. He also arranged a meeting with the Mayor of Bega Tony Allen who was recently […]

Now that we have some sort of time line on the Imlay street Universal Design project I can start to increase the equipment collection program. I have been scouring eBay for all types of stuff. I have managed to get so far: Montana Scooter This is supposed to be the Rolls Royce of scooters. It […]

Now that we have secured the property in Imlay Street Merimbula we need to put together a design brief for an architect. This will off course need to take into account the principles of Universal Design. After doing a significant amount of research we have put together a design brief that we can use as […]

The vendor of the house in Imlay Street has accepted our offer so now we are about to start to renovate the place to take advantage of the spectacular views. We will convert the place into a dual occupancy so that we can let the lower floor out people who have access issues and want […]

Part of our investment process was to enlist the services of a local valuer in Mermbula to inspect any prospective purchase. To ensure that we had a consistent approach we developed an Inspection Checklist for the valuer to use. This covered all of the key points we wanted inspected. The inspection for 7 Imlay Street came […]

A Place to Start

After months of searching and looking at hundreds of places we have finally found a blank canvas on which we are willing to make an offer. It is really the classic worst house in the best street situation. Here is a picture of the place. The story goes that the place was built as a holiday shack […]

I ended up buying the Sommersoft “Propery Investment Analysis” software package. I must say that I am impressed with the ease of use and the types of reports that it produces. This is going to make the evaluation of investment property decisions less stressful. Here is a sample of one of the reports that I […]

I have spent the last few weeks searching through libraries and book stores for anything to do with property investment. There is a huge amount that is available. I have however decided to buy a book “More Wealth from Residential Property” by Jan Somers. Jan is a resident of Queensland who has made a substantial […]

Well the advert in the paper sure started to work. I had at least four calls from people who were willing to be my eyes and ears on the ground. There were builders, valuers and even a retired bank manager. As yet I have not chosen anyone as the advert still has a few weeks […]