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Bimbadeen Comes to Life

It has been a couple of hectic months since my last posting. I have been putting the finishing touches on Bimbadeen. I had forgotten how much stuff you need to fully set up a home. We managed to get get all of our furniture last week. A lot of it was flat pack so I […]

Getting the Garden Going

Now that we have all of the structural work finished and we are on site, I can start to concentrate on the outdoor site works. This means the garden and surround. I have struck up friendship with Alan from Woodlands Nursery in Merimbula which is walking distance from Bimbadeen. I will be using Alan for […]

Moving Day

Just prior to Christmas the big day came. We made the move. Packers came in to our unit in Sydney and spent 2 days packing about 50 cubic metres of our belongings. We then had to put the logistics around the move. The removal van would leave Sydney about midday and then travel the 700 […]

In a previous post I noted that I had become a public toilet expert. This was because Desiree and I spend an inordinate amount of time searching out wheel chair friendly toilets when we are out. I used this time to work out what fittings we needed and where they came from. it was not […]

Getting the Deck Finished

When we first started the project we put a lot of focus on the outdoor decks. Harry Sprintz our architect joked that we would become a family of deck dwellers. We do spend a lot of time outdoors in the Aussie sun so having a good deck meant a lot to us. We started by […]

The last few days has seen some serious progress on the back yard. The yard was a bit of a disaster zone. The back corner of the house is right on the 80 metre mark while the boundary of the back fence falls away to the 77 metre line. This is a 3 metre fall […]

John Thorpe from Eden Custom Kitchens has been working pretty hard over the last few weeks putting together cabinet carcases. You might remember that we were able to get support from Polytec who agreed to help us with all of the cupboard doors and panel, Hafele supported us with all of the hardware and fitting […]

There is no doubt that the kitchen is normally the hub of the house. For this reason we spent a lot of time (and money) on ensuring that the kitchens of Bimbadeen were workable by able bodied people and people with disabilities. The general principal that we adopted was that “stuff should come to us, […]

We have been back in contact with our friends at Boral to work out how to do the landscaping in the front and rear yards. As we are on the top of the hill we have a fall away in all directions. This amounts to between 2.5 – 3 metres at its maximum. Obviously this […]

Internal Doors Installed

When we were looking around for internal doors we had a few criteria that they needed to meet. They needed to be solid so that they gave us some sound insulation. We needed to be able to install locks on all doors if required with our own door furniture. The finish on the doors needed […]