Bimbadeen Comes to Life

It has been a couple of hectic months since my last posting. I have been putting the finishing touches on Bimbadeen. I had forgotten how much stuff you need to fully set up a home. We managed to get get all of our furniture last week. A lot of it was flat pack so I spent a day putting tables, chairs, bedside tables and entertainment units together. Multiple trips to the supermarket to pick up all sorts of odds and ends. The results have been great.

 Front Bedroom      Rear Bedroom

Kitchen       Laundry

In the meantime the garden has started to grow and we are attracting a hoard of local birds.

Back Garden       Bimbadeen Kookaburras

 If you are interested to come and stay with us, here is a brochure that you can download that gives you some details about the facility.

Bimbadeen Disability Friendly Holiday Accommodation


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