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Starting Our Marketing

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Now that we have almost finished fitting out Bimbadeen we are starting the marketing process. Initially we will be using online methods which include this blog and various websites to spread the word.

We have set up descriptions of Bimbadeen on Australia for All which is a website that bills itself as a one stop shop for accessible tourism in Australia and overseas. We have set up a booking page on the Sapphire Coast Tourism website which is affiliated with Tourism Australia.

I have compiled a fairly big list of  health industry contacts during the development process and have emailed them a copy of our electronic brochure Bimbadeen Disability Friendly Holiday Accommodation 

So hopefully this will start the marketing ball rolling. Feel free to post this link to people you feel appropriate.

Its pretty funny how things come up. Last week I was talking with Jim my local nurseryman. He has been the supplier of many of the plants that have gone into the garden. We were discussing Bimbadeen and as it happens Jim was a renal nurse prior to being a plant grower and he said that there were very few holiday facilities where a person who needs dialysis can stay. Apparently you need a highly filtered water supply and uninterruptible power. I think that with a few minor modifications we can set up the back bedroom of Bimbadeen so it is dialysis friendly. I am making enquiries with the Australian kidney foundation now about what I would need to do. Lets hope that we can get this done as it would open up another market for us and provide a much needed facility.

The garden is still very much a work in progress but it is starting to take shape. The birds have found it and in the mornings and evenings there are a wide variety of birds that are starting to visit. Some of the plants have also attracted the local wallabies so the place is becoming a bit of a sanctuary. Anyway here are a couple of photos of the garden and fauna.

 Back Garden      Bimbadeen Kookaburras

 Back patio view      Back garden view

 Bell bird      King parrot

Rainbow lorikeet      Black wallaby

The little green bird is a bell bird and you can hear them chirping all day, the red parrot is a king parrot and they are pretty reclusive but when they come out they are magnificent, the multicolored bird is a rainbow lorikeet, these guys must be the clowns of the bird world not only for their color but also their antics. The black-wallaby is playing havoc with the new leaves on our lilly pilly trees. I think that he comes in at night.

Bimbadeen Comes to Life

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

It has been a couple of hectic months since my last posting. I have been putting the finishing touches on Bimbadeen. I had forgotten how much stuff you need to fully set up a home. We managed to get get all of our furniture last week. A lot of it was flat pack so I spent a day putting tables, chairs, bedside tables and entertainment units together. Multiple trips to the supermarket to pick up all sorts of odds and ends. The results have been great.

 Front Bedroom      Rear Bedroom

Kitchen       Laundry

In the meantime the garden has started to grow and we are attracting a hoard of local birds.

Back Garden       Bimbadeen Kookaburras

 If you are interested to come and stay with us, here is a brochure that you can download that gives you some details about the facility.

Bimbadeen Disability Friendly Holiday Accommodation