Moving Day

Just prior to Christmas the big day came. We made the move. Packers came in to our unit in Sydney and spent 2 days packing about 50 cubic metres of our belongings. We then had to put the logistics around the move. The removal van would leave Sydney about midday and then travel the 700 km’s down the south coast of New South Wales to Merimbula stopping overnight. We would meet up with the truck the next day for the unload.

All went according to plan. We arrived in tact and so did all our belongings. What I did not realise is what 50 cubic metres of stuff looked like. There were boxes and boxes to unpack. Not doing anything by halves we had arranged for relatives to visit from the UK arriving 10 days after our move then it was Christmas when another 5 would arrive. All in all we would have 15 to feed on Xmas day. Not to mention that we needed to supplement the bed situation. At some stage the house would be home to 11 people. No rest for the wicked they say. (I just did not realise how wicked I must have been.)

Well we got through Christmas day with no mishaps, no fights, everyone fed etc etc. The house has come up way better than I thought, and as it had been more than 12 months since the last visit I had almost forgotten the spectacular views.

Now we need to concentrate on getting the last few building jobs completed, the garden done and some furniture for the holiday unit and we are up and operational. I will be posting some more details over the next few days now that I have got the Internet access sorted out.

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