Getting the Deck Finished

When we first started the project we put a lot of focus on the outdoor decks. Harry Sprintz our architect joked that we would become a family of deck dwellers. We do spend a lot of time outdoors in the Aussie sun so having a good deck meant a lot to us. We started by specifying a good Australian hardwood as the material of choice. We settled on stringbark gum which is a local eucalypt. This is a very resilient timber. We used a no-nail decking system made here in Australia call Deck-Max . What this system bought to the project was a beautiful smooth nail free surface. In addition it reduces the amount of cupping and warping that can happen during the weathering process. Avoiding this means that the decks will remain smooth and true. Something that is important for wheelchair use. We then left the deck for 8 months to settle in.

Last week was the time to finish off the decks. We chose a suit of products from our friends at Dulux .

The first thing to do was to get the floor sander in to go over all of the surfaces to make the deck true and smooth.

We then used Dulux Intergrain Reviva Wood Cleaner.  Dulux Intergrain Reviva is a high strength cleaner that restores dirty, weathered rust or tannin stained timber.  It should be used to prepare the surface for the application of Dulux Intergrain Ultradeck.

As the decking areas will be used by people with disabilities, it was important to us that the surface was as non slip as possible. Dulux make a product called Intergrain Ultragrip which is an additive for Intergrain Ultradeck . This was the reason that we chose this system. Dulux Intergrain Ultradeck is a durable long lasting water based decking oil for exterior decking. When Intregrain Ultragrip is added to the Ultradeck you achieve a slip resistance assessment of R12.

There is a misconception that the ‘R’ scale runs from R1 to R13, where R1 is the most slippery, and R13 the least slippery. In reality, the R scale runs from R9 to R13, where R9 is the most slippery, and R13 the least slippery. R12 means that the slip angle is between 27 and 35 degrees.

Deck-Max deck ready for sanding         Deck-Max deck coated with Dulux Ultradeck

 Here are some before and after photos. You can clearly see how the deck weathered through the last 8 months. The photo on the right shows the same deck after application of the Dulux Intergrain system .

If you are interested in more information about slip resistance you can download this guide.

Slip Resistance Explained

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