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Getting the Doors Right

You might not think much about door handles – who does! But if you are confronted everyday with using a door handle that is difficult to grab, things change. We spent a lot of time researching what door handles would be the easiest to operate. Here is what we came up with: Levers are better […]

A number of our readers would know that we used about two B – Double Semi trailer loads of Boral masonry blocks when we reconstructed the lower level of the project. While I could have fitted them all on one semi from a space point of view, the load was just too heavy. Splitting it […]

Floors & Stairs All Done.

When we decided to use compressed bamboo from Style Plantations as a floor it was mainly on the basis that this was a material made from a fully renewable resource. Now that the team has finished installing on the upper level the look is fantastic. As the floor is fully glued in place there is […]

I was talking with our friends at Dulux today about the finer points of the finishes we are using on the project. We had not finalized the exterior finishes. After a number of discussions we all concluded that the Dulux Acratex system would perfect for our needs. The construction of the project is basically in […]

  As many of our readers know, we have paid particular attention in the project to avoiding fall hazards. There is a good reason for this. Falls are the number one accident that people have in the home. This is particularly so for anyone that is unsteady on their feet. In the first 4 months […]

It’s All by Design

I was talking with John Bennett the builder yesterday in our weekly phone hook up, (we are doing this renovation remotely, the project is about 700kms away from Sydney where we live) and he mentioned now that all the windows and floors were in the place was looking great. Nice bright, light and airy. Reflecting […]

23 Days in the Shower

I never used to think that much about showers. But then I guess that there aren’t that many people who do. Desiree’s stroke paralysed her down the left side and has left her wheelchair bound. One of the hardest tasks of our day is getting her showered. All up it currently takes us about an […]

  I was wandering around the Sydney Home Show almost 2 years ago and I came across Style Plantations . This company was displaying a new flooring product. I struck up a conversation with Brendon, who was representing the company on the stand, he explained the benefits of using compressed bamboo as a flooring material. […]

The paint division and woodcare division of Dulux have agreed to become our partners. We will be using the following products in the project. Product Situation Product Code Data Sheet Universal Design Context 1 Step Acylic Primer Sealer Undercoat for all internal walls 630-89139 AUDD1192 Will give superior adhesion for topcoat and therefore give a […]

Hafele Another Partner

We are now down to the finer details of the job. All of the hardware for the kitchens, bathrooms and office will be supplied by Hafele .  Hafele Australia Pty. Ltd. is a subsidiary or Häfele GmbH & Co. (Germany). The Hafele group was first established in 1923 and today is an international leader in […]