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The time has come to decide on the products that we will use for the paints and coatings. There is one standout company that can supply all of what we need. That is Orica Australia. You probably know them better by their brand names, Dulux and British Paints.¬† They also have a division called Acratex […]

Great news! Late on Friday I received a call from Polytec. They had decided to become involved with our project. So now all of the cupboard doors in the kitchens, bathrooms and office will be supplied by Polytec. This is a major part of the project as there are 49 doors, 66 sets of drawers […]

Fast Eddie and his team from Saphire Plaster hit the project at the beginning of the week. Boral have supplied their SoundStop and FireStop¬†product for use throughout the project. We have chosen this as it provides the best finish for use in a Universal Design context.¬† The FireStop product will be used for all of […]

We have managed to get the project into the local press. Our local paper the Merimbula News picked up a press release that I did about our project and how it relates to the local area. We got a great run with about a third of a page article together with a photograph on page […]

We have decided to use Eden Custom Kitchens as our cabinet maker for all of the kitchens, bathrooms and home office. Originally in the design we specified polyurethane cupboard doors throughout. We have these in our current home and I have noticed that they do not stand up well to wheelchair abuse. Luckily for me […]

As I work in the electronics industry, I am lucky enough to be able to see a little into the future of technology. What I see is a world where we are all connected. Not only will people be connected but a lot of our everyday appliances, entertainment equipment and various household objects will also […]