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Let The Sun Shine In

We have taken a lot of care in the design of the Merimbula project to ensure that there is sufficient light. To this end we have installed a lot of windows, (these also take advantage of some of the great views) and skylights. The building team lead by John Bennett completed the skylight installation this […]

Working with Hebel

One of the main reasons that we chose Hebel Power Panel was how easy it is to work with. You can cut this stuff with a jigsaw into shapes that you could never get concrete to replicate.         This is what is left from our first batch of Hebel Power Panel.  You can […]

The floor of our project will be made of compressed bamboo boards made by Style Plantations. These boards are 12mm thick and are glued to a substrate floor. We had allowed 25mm to so we can adjust floor levels to ensure that there is an even surface between rooms and at doors to the outdoors. This […]

I am sure that there are many carers out there who will empathize with me here. Since Desiree suffered from her stroke about 2 years ago and became confined to a wheelchair, I have found that I have gained a new skill. I can remember where every public toilet is in every shopping centre we […]

The last couple of weeks has seen considerable progress. The Hebel panel has been all but installed. The internal walls that are made of steel stud and track framing have gone into place. The next couple of weeks will be full on for the plumber and the electrician to rough in the wiring and water […]