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I had great expectations of being able to use LED lighting technology through out the project. The benefits of LED are very low power consumption and very long bulb life (up to 10 years). I used my China contacts to find a factory that was producing these globes. Unfortunately we are a bit early in […]

Lift Goes up and Over

This Masterlift lift and a 5,000 litre water tank were installed this week. We needed to get the crane back in to lift each into position.                     You can see more photos in the week 23 gallery by clicking here. The process went without a hitch and everything fitted into the space provided. This […]

Our Green Credentials

I have spent a lot of writing time talking about the products and process that we are using to renovate a property using the concepts of Universal Design. I probably have not spent enough time detailing our “Green Credentials”. As well as adhering to the principals of Universal Design we are also trying our best […]