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Building Achievements

We have hit quite a few milestones this week. All of the LVL from Carter Holt Harvey has been installed and is ready to take flooring or decking. Dowell have delivered all bar one window to the site. John Bennett reckons that they look great. (The “ducks nuts” was the term he used.) We came […]

Progress and Another Partner

  I met Peter Lloyd from Deck-Max at the Sydney Home Show. He had invented an innovative way to lay timber decking so that there were no nails in the surface and that the decking resisted “cupping”. Cupping is a defect when timber is exposed to weather on one side and not another.     […]

Have you ever played the game of “Chinese Whispers”? You know the one where one person whispers something to one person and they then whisper it onto another until at the end of a series of whispers the original and the final are compared and they are nothing alike. Well that has happened with our […]