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I was about to start my pre Christmas ring around when the phone lept to life. “Ha finally got you” was all I heard. It was Ray Greenslade one of my work friends from 15 years ago. The rivalry that he was talking about was who could get to who first to impart Christmas greetings. […]

More Progress

This week has seen a lot of progress on the project. Harry Sprintz has finished that last of the plans. We now have a collection of 29 sheets that will guide the finer points of the construction. I have posted these updated plans on the Free Downloads page. They are in PDF format so that anyone […]

Getting the doors in order

Now that we have sorted out the windows it is a matter of getting the doors together. For the internal doors we have chosen Eurotec Doors. We have chosen them as they make a door and frame module that is good in terms of noise shielding and the construction is extremely robust. The doors are […]

Work slows due to rain.

Construction slowed over week five due to rain on the site. This gave me an opportunity to get some of the organizational things together. I was able to order and take delivery of the beams, joists and rafters from Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products. We have used a product called LVL (Laminated Timber Veneer) which is […]