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Harry Sprintz our architect has finished the layouts for the bathrooms and kitchens. I have included copies of the the plans in the downloads page. Specified in the plans were a number of Caroma bathroom products. As I once worked for Australia’s largest hardware retailer I decided to “call in some favours” and try and […]

Windows can be a pane…

For the last couple of weeks construction at the site has slowed. I have been trying to get the windows sorted out. The plans have called for a couple of unique window configurations. Standard windows that are butted up against louvre windows, and two main windows that include a 90 degree glass to glass mitre […]

Harry Sprintz, the architect,┬áhas now almost finished the details of the bathrooms and laundries. I will be posting the plans online soon. He still has to complete the home office and the wardrobes. There are so many products and design implementations to make the project “livable” for people with disabilities I thought that I would […]

The first three weeks of building are under our belts now. The first couple of weeks consisted pretty much of demolition. I must say that I did not realise how much of the existing house had to come down. You would say that for all intent and purposes we are building a new house. Although […]