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More Project Partners

More of the companies that I spoke to at the Sydney Home Show have contacted me to become involved in the project. Miele Miele appliances have great human-machine interfaces. We chaecked out a number of ovens, cooktops, dishwashers and laundry appliances and found them all suitable for use by people with accessibility issues. Hebel Hebel make a […]

Well the development application arrived in the mail last week. There was one surprise however. The council have concluded that the development has 6 bedrooms. This is 2 more than what is allowed under normal dual occupancy properties. What this means is that the council can now levy charges under what they call a Section […]

I managed to score a meeting with the State Government representative for the area Andrew Constance. I am lucky that Andrew is also the Shadow Minister for Ageing and Disabilities so he was keen to hear what we were doing. He also arranged a meeting with the Mayor of Bega Tony Allen who was recently […]

Well the trip to the Sydney Home Show was a success. I think that I walked 50 miles up and down the aisles and pressed a lot of flesh. It took me two days but I think that I have co-opted a core set of partners. Boral Boral have a number of building product divisions. […]

Now that we have some sort of time line on the Imlay street Universal Design project I can start to increase the equipment collection program. I have been scouring eBay for all types of stuff. I have managed to get so far: Montana Scooter This is supposed to be the Rolls Royce of scooters. It […]

Now that we have sorted out the basic construction of the Imlay Street Universal Design Project, we can start to approach prospective building material suppliers to partner in the project. The project has the potential to be an exemplar of using the concepts of Universal Design in a major renovation. For this reason it is […]

After many meetings with Harry Sprintz we have reached a point where we are happy with the overall design. The project has been designed so that it is very wheel chair friendly and incorporates state of the art fixtures and fittings to make life easier for people with disabilities. Here are the plans. Click on […]