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Harry Sprintz our access planner and architect has been pretty busy working on what the exterior of the merimbula Imlay street property might look like after a major make-over. It’s almost like one of those tacky TV shows! He has spent a lot of time thinking about the site, its context to the spectacular views […]

I spent at least 2 hours with Harry Sprintz the architect and disability access planner detailing what my “grand plan” for the Merimbula property looked like. Basically I wanted to renovate the duplex so that it provided an environment that was easy to live in for Desiree and I, now that she is unable to […]

I was listening to our local ABC radio program the other day and caught the tail end of a program called Design Matters. Interviewed on this program was an architect named Harry Sprintz. Harry was detailing how he thought that housing design today could be vastly improved to accommodate people with disabilities. If we were […]

Now that we have secured the property in Imlay Street Merimbula we need to put together a design brief for an architect. This will off course need to take into account the principles of Universal Design. After doing a significant amount of research we have put together a design brief that we can use as […]

The vendor of the house in Imlay Street has accepted our offer so now we are about to start to renovate the place to take advantage of the spectacular views. We will convert the place into a dual occupancy so that we can let the lower floor out people who have access issues and want […]