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I have spent the last few weeks searching through libraries and book stores for anything to do with property investment. There is a huge amount that is available. I have however decided to buy a book “More Wealth from Residential Property” by Jan Somers. Jan is a resident of Queensland who has made a substantial […]

Much has transpired over the last few days. Desiree is now stable and out of intensive care. She has suffered a severe stroke. In the last 4 days she has had 2 MRI’s and 2 CT Scans. What they have shown is that she has had a piece of plaque dislodge from the inside of […]

Well the advert in the paper sure started to work. I had at least four calls from people who were willing to be my eyes and ears on the ground. There were builders, valuers and even a retired bank manager. As yet I have not chosen anyone as the advert still has a few weeks […]