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Not a Normal Day

It had been almost 2 years since Desiree and I had, had a good holiday. We were in Melbourne to attend Desirees daughters wedding. Karen and Ken were getting married and we were part of the bridal party. The wedding had gone all to plan and we were going to have a break from our hectic work […]

First Tentative Steps

How hard can it be to start a research program about an area where I want to buy an investment property?  Roadblock 1 Contacted the local paper, the Merimbula News, to try and get a subscription. Guess what? They do not have a subscription program all the papers are either home delivered in the area […]

Now that Desiree and I have decided to purchase an investment property in Merimbula it was time to begin the research. I sat down and made up a list of things that would help us buy a house over the internet. Subscribe to the local papers. Contact all of the local real estate agents and […]