Where Should Your Baby Sleep?

by admin on November 28, 2009

Where Should Your Baby Sleep?

Where Should Your Baby Sleep?
By David Crowton

Are you expecting or have just had a baby then you might, like so many others in your situation, be concerned with where your baby should sleep. Should you have a nursery for your baby or would it be best if the baby slept in the same room as you? These are questions you really should find the answer to before you start doing it one way or the other.

Once a pattern has been established for your baby it may at times be very hard to change so before you make a final decision in where you want the baby to sleep, find out what is right for you. Both of these options have its pro’s and con’s and therefore it varies from each individual what is right for them.

For many first time parents it might be difficult to put the baby to sleep in a different room where they can’t see the baby. The insecurity of maybe not hearing the baby cry at night is a big factor in them making the decision of having their newborn sleep with them. This is understandable but actually something which should not be a great concern as long as you are not a very heavy sleeper or have the nursery so far away from your room that it would be impossible to hear the baby cry.

After having a baby a mother, especially, will automatically tune in to her baby’s cry and should not worry to much about not hearing it if this is what the issue is about when it comes to having separate bedrooms for you and your baby. Something else a first time parent often do is constantly having to check if the baby is ok and still breathing, this is very normal and you are not alone in doing so.

In the first few months after your baby is born the urge to go and check on your baby can be quite an inconvenience if your baby has its own room and you are having to get up and out of bed each time you get this urge. If you are breast feeding your child it can be more convenient to have the baby in your room because you don’t really need to get up, all you have to do is just bring him or her in bed with you, rather than if you are bottle feeding you have to get up regardless.

If you do start out by having the baby sleep in your room you should know that it can be very hard to get him used to sleeping on his own. By the time you decide to give the baby its own room he is already used to being by you and hearing the familiar sounds of you and your husband. It is comforting for the baby if that is all he is used to and putting him in his own room it may take quite a while before he gets adjusted to this new and unfamiliar place. You may experience quite a few sleepless nights.

Letting the baby sleep in his own bedroom from the very beginning can actually be very good for you and your partner. It will give both of you a place to retrieve and have privacy, a place for only the two of you where you will not disturb the baby by coming and going, watching TV, reading or just spending some time together. For many people this seems to be the best solution, a place where they still can have their privacy after the baby has taken over everything else.

By letting the baby have its own room from the beginning also eliminates the hassle of adjusting him to his own room later on which, like mentioned earlier, can be quite an inconvenience. So, before you decide where the baby should sleep find out what is the best for you. None of these options are wrong or right, it is simply what you think would be best for you.

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