The Ultimate Baby Checklist

by admin on November 28, 2009

The Ultimate Baby Checklist

The Ultimate Baby Checklist
By Scott Zak

Baby Checklist:

Clothing: (plan for spit-ups, accidents, diaper leaks, etc.
8 nightgowns
8 side-snap undershirts
8 ‘onesies’
8 pairs of socks/booties
2 pairs of no-scratch mittens
2 hats/bonnets

4 sweatshirts/sweaters

Seasonal wear as needed:
Winter jacket, hat, mittens, full snow suit
Fall coat
1 ‘Bundle Me’ – lines baby seat in winter
Baby shoes – not essential, but fun

4 blankets (expect them to get dirty)
4 receiving blankets – great for swaddling babies

Formula feeding:
10 four ounce bottles with nipples (having more means less cleaning)
8 eight ounce bottles with nipples (less feedings as baby grows)
Pacifiers (start with 4, watch them vanish)
3 Bibs (keep one in the diaper bag)
Formula (when starting, buy small amounts since your baby may need to switch brands)
Dry-formula storage unit – pre-measured, great for traveling

Breast feeding:
Breast pump
Nursing bras
Breast pads

Only need 1 box of newborn size diapers
Have newborn and size 1 ready to go – trust us, you’ll use them
Wet wipes – great for ‘messy’ situations
Diaper disposal system

Bath time:
Plastic baby tub (easier than the sink)
Wash cloths – get a few
Tearless cleanser and/or shampoo
Baby hair brush
Hooded towels – keep baby warm while drying him/her off
Baby oil
Bath toys

Crib mattress
Bedding Set: bumper/comforter/skirt…
Rocker or glider
Changing Table Pad

Changing Table Cover
2 waterproof mattress covers
3 crib sheets (pick fun colors)
Blanket (big enough to tuck in)
Sleeping bag – great idea
Mobile – music helps
Toys and stuffed animals (keep them OUT of the crib)

Nail clippers or scissors
Bulb syringe (for clogged noses – be careful)

Baby thermometer
Vaporized / Humidifier

Traveling Baby:
Diaper bag – many to choose from, get one with a changing pad built in
Infant car seat (it’s the law, get your local fireman to install safely for you)
Stroller (getting one where the car seat fits in is very convenient)
Pack-n-Play – a crib to go (so Mom and Dad can get out)
Baby carrier (slings are good too)

Keeping the baby quiet at home:
Baby swing
Bouncy baby seat – get the one that vibrates

Around the house:
Baby monitor – listen in so you can rest too! (you can watch with some models)
Outlet plugs – plug them all
Cabinet and drawer safety locks
Corner protectors (and the edges of coffee tables)
Play Yard
Potty Chair
Bassinet – perfect for naps
More toys
Baby book
Growth chart
Photo album and frames
Safety gates

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