Ten Great Ideas for a New Baby

by admin on November 24, 2009

Ten Great Ideas for a New Baby

Ten Great Ideas for a New Baby
By Scott Zak

Mom’s top 10 gift ideas – for Baby

Ever wonder what the best gift would be for that new baby? You’re not alone.

There is not one perfect solution for everyone, and you’ll definitely get different answers depending on who you ask. Look not further, because we went right to the expert for you – MOM!

1. Diapers and Baby Wipes – For some, this may seem to practical, but the baby (and Mom) will no doubt need them – and they are going to need a lot of them! Don’t be afraid to ask what brand the baby prefers.

2. Diaper Bags – Mom’s can never have enough diaper bags, especially today’s active moms. And guess what, baby bags have gotten very fashionable. You will find many to choose from, so be sure to look around. A few thoughts:

1)Choose a bag with compartments to store clothes, formula, bottles and baby food.

2) If you go the ‘fashion’ route – be sure you find one that Mom will like. This can get tricky, so you may want to ask first.

3. Onesies and sleepers – You can never have too many, just be sure to get the right size.

4. Blankets – Pick one that is soft and washable. Every baby needs a special blanket (or a few), one that makes them feel at home, even when they are out.

5. Carseat/Stroller Combination – Make it easy on Mom! Look for an infant that Mom can lift out of the car and quickly place direcgtly onto the stroller.

6. Baby Swing – If you want to give a gift that will make everyone happy – especially Mom and Dad – give them a baby swing (or vibrating chair – OR BOTH). The motion and/or humming sound are a baby favorite – which makes them a parent favorite as well.

7. Pack-and-play – Bring the crib with you, so Mom and Dad can enjoy themselves when it’s time for baby to take a nap – or a break.

8. Clothes – not only will most babies need several outfits a day, they will be growing out of them as quickly as you can buy them. Make sure you buy the right size, as many clothes may say ‘6 to 12 Months’, but every baby is different, so check with Mom first.

9. Gift Cards/Certificates – It may not be as personal as other gifts, but letting Mom choose the gift is going to be appreciated – remember, Mom told us so.

10. Burp cloths and Bibs – Mom can never have too many bibs and burp cloths – especially during the first year. It will also save a bundle on dry cleaning for Mom and Dad’s clothes.

Scott Zak is a publisher of http://www.babynamesusa.com and http://www.thetop100babynames.com

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