Help – My Smallest Family Member Took Over My Living Room!

by admin on November 24, 2009

Help – My Smallest Family Member Took Over My Living Room!

Help – My Smallest Family Member Took Over My Living Room!
By Elizabeth Ferris

A little 10 lb baby has no problem taking over a huge living space.
My living room for example consisted of couch, loveseat, chair, coffee table, T.V on a small unit and a small bookcase that was before my baby. Now along with all of the above I also house a baby swing, bouncy chair, play mat, exer-saucer and toy box all in the living room.

Start by finding a place for everything
So I stood in the living room one day and looked around me at all that cluttered. I felt overwhelmed and about to become Closter phobic. Then I realized the playmate folds to go neatly behind the loveseat and almost out of sight. The swing would have to remain as a piece of furniture would in the central area since you will be using it quite often. However there are many swings available on the market that take up very little space……Great idea to go as compact as possible. The bouncy chair goes at the end of my couch up against the wall and is perfect to hold a spare blankie and my basket of baby supplies. It too then becomes almost out of view. The exer-saucer is the best invention since sliced bread at least in my home so it is a central piece in the living area. I find it would be too much bother to fold up just to clear up a sq foot of space so I leave it where it’s at. Of course you could move it at night when the ownership of the living space is turning back over to you.

Now the most important is your BABY SUPPLIES BASKET. My best advice to any new mom is SKIP THE CHANGE TABLE. You will only end up using it for storage. Think realistically are you going to pick your baby up every time he needs changing and go to that room. For me that would involve stairs every time and my baby is only four months old and I’ve changed approx. 960 diapers…that would be too many trips up stairs. So invest in a basket….not too big but not too small either. These retail very cheap right now and are in style for home décor too.
Shown is an excellent that cost about $10.00. You can find one that matches your design or has a lid…..The possibilities are endless. Now the key to this is keeping it well stocked so everything you need is at your finger tips.

• Waterproof and washable baby change pad (Buy one that will last, look to spend about $5)
• Diapers (A days supply- ten should do it. Remember to re-stock after the last diaper change of the night)
• Baby Wipes
• Diaper cream, Baby Powder, Baby oil/lotion
• Fingers nail clippers (This is a tedious job you’ll be performing more often than you thought.)
• Washcloth, towel and Bar of baby soap (Buy a soap container used for travel and the buck store)
• Baby hairbrush (If needed, my son just has enough hair now to warrant it.)
• A couple small waterproof toys (IF your baby is old enough to show an interest)
• A Change of clothes

Now you have a complete, organized and portable supply of everything needed to care for your baby. Change times are now easy times. Also when its bath time just grab the basket and your ready to go…of course don’t forget the baby. Another item I strongly suggest is a diaper pail that is designed to seal off each diaper individually locking in the odor and cutting down on the amount of times you must take out your garbage.


It slides right under the couch. They also come with wheels on the bottom. They slide out of sight and you can even use a smaller similar container to hold your baby change/bath supplies if you wish.

I hope this article has helped you gain back control of your living area. Of course during the day your baby reigned high and all these items must be out and easily juggled. But if unexpected company is on the way or when your baby relents and goes to sleep for the night it will only take 5 min to take back your space.


My name is Elizabeth Ferris. I live in Northern Ontario, Canada. I am 24 years old and the proud mother of my first child. My son is four months old now and everyday has been a learning experience. I work for an inbound call center however I am on maternity leave now until August 2006. And enjoying every minute spent with my son.
Thank You for your interest in my work.
Elizabeth Ferris

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