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What's in it for me?

The Merimbula short stay venue enables your target customers to interact directly with your product in an environment that is specifically designed to make life easy for the access challenged in our community. In addition we have structured a partner package to provide:

Initial and ongoing keyword research reports about your products.
Initial and ongoing press releases about your products.
Permanent outgoing text links to your website.
Initial and ongoing search engine optimized articles linking to your website.
Permanent banner ads linking to your website.
Monthly keyword search campaigns to send you targeted leads.
Email list access.
Quarterly statistical reports.

This program is guaranteed to drive additional traffic to your website over an extended period of time. The site will be managed through a 3 year active phase and a 2 year passive phase and will target the Australian home improver and home renovator. Over this 5 year period the site has the potential to provide many thousands of qualified leads. Only a select group of companies are being invited to participate in this project. The partner package costs can be partially offset against the cost of materials used in the project.

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