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Want to know the secret to building a new house or renovating an existing one for
people who are either elderly and/or disabled ??

Refer the job to a specialist access architect like Harry Sprintz !

I first became acquainted with Harry while listening to an interview on Radio National Australia that was discussing aspects of house design for those people who had access challenges.

Harry Sprintz is an architect with a close personal experience in the solution of disability access problems, in the course of which he has acquired a rich fund of many anecdotes that relate to the essentially `human' side of this architectural activity.

“The most important building in the world is a person's home”
It therefore must both work well & be a source of pleasure to the owner.

This mantra guides Harry's approach to work & life, accessibility in all it's forms is his passion.

Having spent over 41 years in continuous architectural private practice, there are few accessibility problems that Harry has not encountered and successfully solved.

His Newington (Sydney) based practice, Harry Sprintz, Registered Architect and Disability Access Planner, specialises in architectural accessibility within the built environment related to specific disabilities, safety and ageing issues. Harry prides himself on seeking the design solution that directly relates to each individual in a `one on one' basis.

Harry often say's:

“People are not `standard' so disabilities are also as variable as humankind, therefore each design solution is not only unique to that individual, it needs to relate directly that person.”

Harry is the author of some 30 papers and articles on design related issues.
These include:

· The authorship of a book on `Workplace Accessibility' for the Royal National Institute for the Blind UK, utilising `Universal Design' principles.

· He is currently writing the ‘Adaptation of Existing Housing for People with Disabilities.'

His contribution to architectural access design research has been recognised worldwide, some of his accreditations and achievements are,

· Awarded the 1996 'Byera Hadley Post Graduate (Traveling) Scholarship' from the Architects Board of NSW for architecturally related research studies.

· Successfully completed a Research Masters Degree in Design/Research for Disability at London Guildhall University, as the visiting post graduate scholar in 1998, staying on to lecture, research & author a book on workplace access

· Corporate member of the Royal Australia Institute of Architects, recently elevated to RATA Fellowship.

· Awarded a Life Fellowship of the Design Institute of Australia in 1997 for work in access design

· Awarded a Gold Citation in 2002 from the Design Institute of Australia for a career long commitment to the development of the Australian design profession since it's inception in 1958 as one of the `founding' members.

· Appointed as the first (ex-serviceman) consultant access architect adviser to the Dept of Veterans' Affairs NSW 1999, providing practical access solutions for `Gold Card' Australian veterans and widows

· Guest contributor to the BBC-TV show and ABC Radio program `The Comfort Zone' on access and aged care design related issues.

· Official representative of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects on the Standards Committee on `Safety in Housing' and the Access in the built environment' network.

· Guest lecturer for the Royal British Institute of Architects, the Architectural Association School, London Guildhall University and the Chartered Society of Designers UK for a series of six (6) lectures/workshops in Britain in 1997.

Harry's claim to being 'semi-retired' actually means he only works eight hours per day instead his usual twelve, providing him with the enviable position of being able to focus entirely on his preferred access design projects, the latest one being my `UNIVERSAL DESIGN RENOVATIONS PROJECT' working with me directly as a consultant and research collaborator.

You can contact Harry direct on email, harrysprintz@archinet.com.au

Web www.universaldesignrenovations.com