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» Using The Proper Wheelchair Will Make Your Everyday Life Easier
By Alex Cochran | Published 10/21/2006 | Disability Aids | Unrated

Things you need to know about wheelchairs to make your life easier.

» A "Small Home" Primer
By Alex Cochran | Published 10/21/2006 | Universal Design Articles | Unrated

Smaller houses are very popular and there are many reasons that people are looking for the “right-sized” home. Whatever your reason to choose a smaller house, there are things to look for that will allow you to live much more comfortably in your home and bring the resale value to a premium. In this article, we will touch on the design, usability, and resale of your home.

» Nerve Injuries & Nerve Damage Treatment: Energy Healing for Restoring Nerves & Peripheal Neuropathy
By Alex Cochran | Published 10/8/2006 | Stroke Articles | Unrated
Whether you have a pinched or severed nerve, sciatica, peripheral neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy symptoms, stroke or brain damage, a nerve injury creating paralysis, or any loss of physical sensation or movement, nerve damage is an annoying and dehabilitating chronic condition that can benefit from energy healing.

» The Right Wheelchair Accessories Will Ease Your Life and Your Journeys on Wheels
By Alex Cochran | Published 09/24/2006 | Disability Aids | Unrated

Wheelchair accessories you can use to make your everyday wheelchair life easier.

» Best Practices For Wheelchair Safety And Selection
By Alex Cochran | Published 09/24/2006 | Universal Design Articles | Unrated
There are many things to consider before you purchase a wheelchair. Regardless of whether you want a manual or powered chair, consider the following:

» Disability Living Aids -- Stair and Bath Lifts
By Alex Cochran | Published 09/24/2006 | Disability Aids | Unrated
Tripping down or falling are some of the problems faced by the elderly and the partially immobilized. The injury from the falls in turn leads to further disability and limits independent and active life. Simple changes in the environment and life styles can stop the likelihood of tripping down or falling.

» Ooops - Watch Your Step: Making a Safe, Accessible and Organized Home
By Alex Cochran | Published 09/24/2006 | Universal Design Articles | Unrated
Creating an organized and clutter free home environment for the elderly and physically challenged is essential to their comfort and safety.  Inexpensive modifications in several areas of the home can adapt it to allow for independent living.  Using the techniques and training of a professionally organizer, find out how to modify your home to create a safe and organized environment.

» The Wheelchair User's Work Environment
By Alex Cochran | Published 09/17/2006 | Universal Design Articles | Unrated
While this article is about wheelchair access in the workplace, the concepts can also be applied to the home-office.

» The Secrets of a Good Home Design: Moving Beyond the Obvious
By Alex Cochran | Published 09/10/2006 | Universal Design Articles | Unrated
This article is not your basic primer on selecting your “dream home”. Nor does it contain the list of “items to ask your designer” what we are going to do here is drill-down into the design a little and talk about some specific concepts that will really make a difference in your life.

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